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Rascals' billboard an ASA complaint waiting to happen

Rascals, our building mates here at NBR Towers, have created a series of billboards for upstart ice cream maker Holy Moly.

Five went up around Auckland and Wellington over the weekend.

To NBR, it looks like two animals playing, but we're informed by one of the Rascals that it's actually "pretty provocative".

And beyond the farmyard bawdiness, some may sense a subtle political allusion to a certain large dairy co-operative. Name starts with F.

Holy Moly alleges Fonterra has copied its donut-flavoured iceream. Fonterra denies the claim.

NBR suspects the Advertising Standards Authority may soon be fielding a couple of complaints.

So if you want to see the billboards in real life, you might have to be in quick.

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Comments and questions


I find them quite mooving.

Be nice to have something truly creative - any primary school smirker could have dreamt that up!

About time someone stuck up to them.

Holy Moly is about as crass and dim as Hell's Pizza.

No art director, no writer, no talent, no wit. Worthless dross from ad land amateurs.

And your point? LOL. Never one to mince words, Graham!

Great billboards, great company. The world's is too PC. Anyway, it's "human nature".

It's a dairy good creative.

They should milk it for all it's worth.

Don't have a cow, Fonterra!

Such poor taste. I wonder if their ice cream leaves as bad a taste in your mouth?

Never heard of Holy Moly but definitely won't be buying their products now. Bad taste and inappropriate. Fail.

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