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One Black Friday sale makes it to NZ

Thanksgiving is always held on the fourth Thursday of November.

US retailers call the day that follows "Black Friday" because it kicks off the Christmas shopping season - during which they hopefully make money, or get into the black.

Apple has extended its Black Friday sale worldwide through its online stores (or at least Aussie and NZ so far, most of the world still being Thursday).

So New Zealanders can, for example, get $84 off the top-of-the-line iPad (it's $1144 rather than the usual $1228).  That's a 6.84% saving, which won't have everyone dancing in the streets. 

Still, Apple is famous for never usually discounting, so it's better than a kick in the head. Let us know in Comments below if you spy any other US Black Friday sales that make it over the intrawebs to NZ.

Lastly, more evidence that there could be room in the market for Nokia's Lumia 920, with its wireless charging mat (we'll assume the PM's poor one-liner is the result of his head injury):

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I think it was his brain trying desperately to escape.

Key: "No we don't have a brain drain problem."

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