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'Zip it, sweetie'

The sledge of the year is uttered after 1 minute 45 seconds as Social Development Minister Paula Bennett and Labour's Jacinda Ardern spar during question time.

Speaker Lockwood Smith said the insult was "less than ideal [but] nobody can say that's outrageously offensive" as Labour's Trevor Mallard alleged.

Ms Ardern got her own back on Twitter, tweeting "Kids in the gallery could be forgiven for thinking they were watching a Hairspray revival."

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Paula Bennett is certainly NZ's own woman whose not for turning.
PM material ?

"Whose"? or "who's" ?

Good lord...What a shambles

Paula, you've just become my second favourite politician. Brilliant!

is it just me or is paula bennett sounding/talking like john key?

I might be wrong, but her remark did sound a little patronising.


All we need is a Maggie Thatcher clone. God help us.

the only thing "outrageously offensive" is they way waste time and dont agree to work together to make a better NZ

Bennett is more like an ill-considered turbo-ed upstart a lot of posture with little substance.

Bennett has plenty of substance, but it is mainly cellulite!

Paula Bennett. Absolutely outstanding. Take a long look at Jacinda Adhern, a hard-core Scandanavian socialist who has no place in NZ.

Go you good girl, go.

Petty squabbling like pre-schoolers in a sandpit .... they both should be given time out for that ridiculous display of trivial point scoring.

That was a compliment to a Labour list MP who was spotted queue jumping on the red carpet at the Hobbit celebrations. Seems for some reason or other Labour Party list hacks think they can do and say what they want yet don't like the cold steel when thrown back.

Paula Bennett is a poisonous little westie who needs to learn some manners.

Rotorua actually, and she'll back her self to the hilt privately and publicly - as Kiwi's we back the All Blacks who are tough and uncompromising yet we don't want that in our politicians?

As opposed to Jacinda Ardern - former President of International Socialist Youth that was connected to the Soviet Union through ComIntern?

I'll take my chance with the working class girl from out West - Paula - who somehow escaped the brain programming - what they now call shiftthinking - of the left.

Jacinda Ardern - another supporter of the philosophy that murdered 120 million people over the last 95 years in the name of 'equality' and 'social' justice.

Thank you "reply" to number 13.

Jacinda was the President of that organisation.

What is up with Labour and the loopy left that they support this in a candidate / M.P.???

What is "THE PLAN" you/ they have for N.Z.??

She may be a westie and is possbly poisonous but she certainly isn't little

I liked it; being feisty and quick-witted, shows intellect.

That was good, but the sledge of the year really has to be...

How was that clown Mallard saying he finds it offensive….fool !

Trevor Mallard is a complete and utter joke. The fact that he and Winston Peters are still around astounds me.

Well, when they first entered parliament, their UK colleagues had just avoided a run-in with a bloke named "Guy Fawkes" and they've been dodging bullets ever since...

Eventually though, even the largest parasitic ticks get over-bloated and eventually fall off the host...

Jacinda Ardern - go back into the shadows! You shall not pass!!!! (>.<)

If our politicians cannot act with dignitiy and propriety, what hope for this country and its people.

Bullying and childish behaviour is not welcome in industry, schools, families, pubs or prisons. Why would you accept in it in the most important theatre of all.

Lefties, righties, midlle of the roaders; grow up and start working collaboratively. Time to get rid of the confrontational model of government. It wastes time and intellect. Dumb down the process and you dumb down the participants.

Poor wee Chompers.

'Zip it sweetie'... this would have to be the parliamentary comment of the year. So appropriate to the immature juvenile 'chattering teeth'.

Sorry NBR, but no, the sledge of the year was Gerry Brownlee on Phil Twyford and all of Labour (at question 6) with his "Lyle Lanely & Associates" effort. I doubt whether Twyford and Labour have put two and two together yet!!!
And for anyone who doesn't know who Lyle is, see
Do watch it in the context of the question by Twyford and the response Brownlee gave. Absolutely and utterly priceless.

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