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Internet Mana caves in to ASA and censors 'F**k John Key' video

UPDATE / Aug 15: So much for Laila Harre's pledge during her NBR Ask Me Anything session that "we don't censor youth expression".

The Internet Party said in a statement this afternoon that it has taken the controversial "F**k John Key" video off its official YouTube channel. 

It has been replaced by an edited, "family friendly" version. 

The move followed a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority by Family First.

"Although the ASA cannot compel Internet Mana to take down the clip, the party has opted to voluntarily remove it from its Youtube channel following the ASA’s decision to uphold the complaint," the party said in a statement.

"Internet Mana believes that while the original footage featured legitimate political expression by a large group of politically disaffected young New Zealanders, it respects the decision by the ASA, which is a self-regulatory body."

I'd struggle to call it the defining issue of the election, but the Internet Party's leader has broken her pledge not to censor youth expression, and we can no longer hear the Christchurch students in full cry. The poor lambs.


Internet Mana's 'F**k John Key' video: nasty fascist overtones or drunk students having a laugh?

UPDATE Aug 7: Internet Party spokesman John Mitchell says: "No free alcohol was served. The venues we held the parties at have strict liquor licensing obligations, not to mention that we are not permitted to supply free alcohol. No paid Internet Party staffer took part in, or led, the chanting. It was completely spontaneous."

The Internet Party is drawing flak for a video placed on its official YouTube channel.

The clip (below) shows Kim Dotcom onstage addressing students during a rally in Christchurch.

"Are you ready for a revolution? Are you ready to take down the Government?," the Mega founder asks the crowd.

"Are you ready to extradite John Key?" 

The next shot shows the crowd with right arms raised chanting "F*** John Key".

The editing makes it impossible to tell if Mr Dotcom led the chant, or it was spontaneous.

The Internet Party says the latter was the case, and it was simply a case of student exuberance at the rally.

"We don't censor youth expression," Internet Laila Harre said of the clip during her Ask Me Anything with NBR readers this afternoon.

However, Ms Harre has yet to answer a question from one reader, who posted: "It is disturbing on so many levels, and many parallels are being made to Hitler's 1935 speech, right down to the hand gestures. How can you possibly align yourselves with a person like that?"

NBR political columnist Matthew Hooton says the longer-term impact of the video would depend on whether evidence emerged that the "F**k John Key" chant was planned.

"Laila Harre is saying it was a spontaneous response from a drunk Christchurch crowd, which is one thing," Mr Hooton said. "But information is emerging it was planned by Mr Dotcom's strategists, who planted paid Internet Party staffers in the crowd to start the chant on cue," Mr Hooton says.

"Apparently, the same chant began at exactly the same time at a similar event in Wellington. If that's the case, this is an extremely disturbing development in New Zealand politics, with a real Munich Beer Hall feel."

That might be pushing it, but the official video definitely feels a bit feral for a party trying to position itself as a serious policy contender.

It comes down to whether it's drunk students having a laugh, or an orchestrated mob moment.

Neither are what Laila Harre signed on for. 

The Internet Party leader's thoughts must be turning to Kim Dotcom's anti-John Key rally scheduled to be held at Auckland Town Hall a week before the election, and what shape that event will take.

Massey University political marketing specialist Claire Robinson says she can't believe the the Internet Party has sunk so low. She sees clip as robbing Laila Harre of the moral high ground after she slammed John Key over his "sugar daddy" slur.

Otago University lecturer and political commentator Bryce Edwards has a more upbeat take.

"This video could be wildly successful for the Internet Mana Party," he tells NBR.

"It fits perfectly with the election campaign strategy that the party is running — of being an anti-Establishment party with an unconventional and youth-based orientation. The use of the ‘F**k John Key’ slogan by the partygoers will be almost entirely uncontroversial to the youth target market of Internet Mana.

"Of course, the aggressive swearing will be controversial and repellent to many in middle New Zealand, especially amongst more conservative voters. But Internet Mana isn’t attempting to win over such audiences.

"The 'F**k John Key' video nicely encapsulates and captures some of the enthusiasm and sometimes-radical nature of the party. It also shows Kim Dotcom resonating with youth — which is the message that the party is trying to get across to the public. And the party is able to convince the public that it has a growing support base, this will feed into the ‘bandwagon effect’ in which voters are more likely to support a party because they believe it is fashionable to do so."

Some voters — especially those that are already disillusioned or less enthusiastic about the mainstream parties - will find the colourfulness of the Dotcom campaigning to be quite refreshing, Dr Edwards says.

"Therefore, although the video doesn’t fit into the usual political marketing style of political parties, it will help the party differentiate itself even more.

"The video is likely to receive controversial media coverage, and that will only help Internet Mana more. Minor parties are clamouring for public visibility at the moment, and Internet Mana is showing that it has a huge capacity for winning attention. Once again, the polarising nature of Kim Dotcom will keep the party in the headlines."

There is also the secondary issue, however, of how voters in Mana leader Hone Harawira's Te Tai Tokerau electorate will see the clip — or, for that matter, voters for potential coalition partners Labour and the Greens.

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Comments and questions

Interesting that the video is titled "Change the Government: whereas the actual rhetoric is "Take down the Government" A freudian slip if I ever saw one.

And thankfully students are often too lazy to vote. At 18 they are too young to understand both sides to any story.

As an 19 year old planning to vote this year, I would say I probably have a very good understanding of both sides of the story, enough to see that what Kim Dotcom is doing is ridiculous. Not all students are captivated by his charade.

So Richard, what age are people able to understand both sides to any story? Should we use the comments here as a guide?

When they have jobs, careers, have a mortgage and start a family. Only then do they have a comprehensive understanding. Experience gives them that. As we all saw under the last Labour regime students were bribed with interest free student loans....

Sums up the Internet-mana party very well.
I wonder how much he paid/bribed the audience to sing on cue?

I doubt he needed to. I wouldn't do it myself but can understand the sentiment and perhaps in ChCh the frustration behind it.

Get over it. We have become too PC.

s lee. I am gobsmacked by your comment,"get over it" My mother came through the concentration camp and if ever I have seen a repeat of things she has shown and told me. This rally resembled a youth rally of the nazi variety. If anyone can't see this, then there is no hope for this country. I can't believe those young people thought this was cool. Maybe we need to show the original youth rally video's with Hitler standing on the podium. There is a scary evil similarity. Come on guys, this is NZ. Get rid of Jimmy Smitz. He does not care about our beautiful country or the people in it. All he is after is to stop the extradition. I can't believe Lailla Harre and Hone have been sucked in by this. But then look at all the other meglamaniacs in history, they appear to have something that hypnotises people until it is too late and the damage is done. Don't let this happen here.

It already has hapened here - it's called a National Government corrupted by multinationals and wealth - can't you see that? If ever there was a meglamaniac it is JK and his sidekicks...Arrogance knows no bounds with this tribe...

Have a reality check, you come from the side of envy. So Key has a few million he made this himself, it cost you nothing so get over it, look at what the government has done for NZ far more than any other in the past 50 years. PS I am a Labour voter, or I was until the apologist took the lead

Obviously shonkey, you have led a very sheltered life and have become self entitled. The difference between National and jimmy smitz, is The National Party are made up of New Zealand citizens who care about the country and the people in it. Jimmy Smitz care's about himself only. The Internet Mana party is a meeting of contradictions, jimmy hates anyone who isn't white. Hone hates anyone who is white and poor old Lailla is confused,flattered and being conned. Once jimmy has what he is after, he will wipe this country and everyone in it. Unfortunately the youth and their inexperience of life don't know they are being manipulated. There are many wealthy people in this country, but you don't see the outrageous ,selfie pathetic behaviour you see from them as you do from jimmy. The best thing that could happen, would be to not give him air time or oxygen to feed his ego. He would then shrivel up and die through lack of exposure, as he is a narcissist and needs huge amounts of attention to survive. If he did not have the wealth he has he would be nothing.

Mary, my father fought against the Nazis but clearly he fought for a very different sort of democracy than you espouse.

Have you not noticed what Israel is doing to Gaza? If it was anyone but Israel, the leaders would be tried for war crimes.

Israel defends the killing of innocent civilians by saying this is what happens in war. What kind of excuse is that?

My main concern with society today is money has become too controlling. It should get back to its purpose, as a medium of exchange and should be banned from charging interest. This creates inflation, which the few manipulate for their personal gain at the expense of the masses.

absolute tripe. Watch the History programme to see what megalomania is

To link KDC with Nazism is nothing short of racist..shame on you ! Getting youth to vote can't be bad thing, New Zealand youth are the forgotten generation and they have been screwed over by this government more than most. We as citizens need to take democracy back from this Key Government and its corruption.

I totally agree carlos. It is a good thing to get the young to vote, as long as they vote for the right reasons. But you are very wrong about them being the forgotten generation. They have far more opportunities now than ever before. Unfortunately a lot of young people have been given the impression that they are special, therefore they have this amazing sense of entitlement and think everything should be handed to them.

..youth being "screwed over".....Carlos you're an idiot....have you not paid any attention to the global financial crisis.....youth unemployment in parts of europe are approaching 50%....if your 18years old living in nz you have alot better prospects than many places...(nz unemployment now down to 5.4%) and yes getting youth to vote is a good idea but they should educate themselves first in what the parties stand policy....and vote in an informed opposed to being sucked in by a German convict who if he had nothing to hide should front up and clear his own name in a US court rather than creating a circus out of the NZ political process...

Mary.. you got baggage mate !!!
Clearly you have never been to a Dunedin student party or pub.
Clearly you are not astute enough to see National lying to the public of NZ little by little day by day.

If Kim dotcom is a Nazi styled rabble rouser then he is not very good at being a manipulator. He is seen encouraging the young people to vote !! make a difference with their vote. He is offering hugs !!! Id like a hug from Kim.

He saw John Banks for the lying he is... and so did the NZ legal system.

I suspect that the students didn't realise just how appalling this looked & thought it funny-but I can't believe that Herr Dotkommandant didn't. We're looking at someone who owns a signed and dedicated Mein Kampf and other Nazi memorabilia and has been filmed wearing an SS something or other. My only consolation is that it's likely to be the own goal to end all own goals.

John Morrison? Pretty sure you got that surname wrong - it's Key, right?
Seriously though, while not necessary a method I approve of, it's certainly a way to get people talking.

Surely, given Laila's integrity and her shocked reaction to John Key's 'Sugar Daddy' comment, the vitriolic content of this video now leaves her with only two options. Either resign immediately from the Internet MANA PARTY, or change her name by deed-poll to Eva.

I don't know about these guys but is the soberly suited john key with that charming smile who has been siphoning of NZ interests to the Chinese any better. The neighbour I am currently residing in Resembles a suburb of Shanghei

looks a lot like the 1930s with another sick German

He wasn't German; he was Austrian.

Hitler was Austrian too....

"No PAID Internet Party staffer took part in, or led, the chanting. It was completely spontaneous."

In other words, volunteer Internet party workers were planted in the crowd to start the ' spontaneous ' F John Key chant.

People are passionate about getting this dispicable government out. Comparing this to Hitler is either extremely lazy and stupid or extremely racist.

My comment to that, is that DotCom is the definitive despicable character. He is a historically proven criminal, who is making puppets of Harre and the good Mana people, and the impressionable NZ youth vote, to keep himself from extradition to face fraud and laundering charges which I am sure he would have trouble defending, and he knows it.

And btw, if you don't see the Munich Beer Hall parallels in that video, you are blind and ignorant of history.

And furthermore, the F**k John Key chanting starting at both events on exactly the same moment... you do the maths.

Despicable? I don't like Key particularly either, but if you want "despicable" , I give you DotCom.

Allan I concur with your comments. If history is remembered correctly, the German public treated Hitler as a joke until he had too much support to stop him. People watched on helplessly as he whipped up German youth into a a frenzy. Everyone knew it was wrong and no-one had the strength to stop. And he started with the young and impressionable. Real Talk clearly does not appreciate history.

Allan, likewise I do not think John Key is great, but he is the best we have at the moment.

I arrived at the Hitler comparison a while back, when I recognised critical character traits. This recent episode simply confirms my original view.

No. I am not a Dotcom fan, but there is no comparison. Hitler wanted to exterminate an entire people, well really more than one when you count in all the gypsies. He promoted the pure Arian people. KDC just wants revenge on one single person. No comparison.

However his crusade against Key is hurting the rest of NZ. And thats not helpful. This man, Dotcom, has caused more problems than in one month than Hone and his ilk have caused in their lifetimes

Again history is important. Hitler did not start out wanting to exterminate people, quite the opposite. He had ideas of inciting change, which over time evolved to bring down the establishment. This in turn evolved to armed conflict and power, and once he had the power he eliminated those who stood in his way. Once he had the power, his actions become dictated by his inner conflicts and twisted idealism, which was totally lacking in principles.

Common to all dictators and tyrants is a failure to respect others and project their own lack of respect and principles through hatred, bitterness and a desire to take other down. The negative disrespectful chanting is a clear manifestation of that.

To understand this better, bring it closer to home. If you president of your local PTA or youth sports club and your rival was someone you knew.

If that person started the children chanting f*** Estelle, we are going to bring her down, would you consider the actions of your rival rational or certifiably insane?

Would you consider that person a help to those children or a danger to those children?

What values could that person possibly instill in those children that would be helpful?

If allowed to continue what would be the outcome for that PTA or sports club? Or to the community as a whole?

I'ts becoming clear that KDC is actually reading Mein Kampf rather than merely holding it as an investment

Very true traveller.

Like attracts like. Investors tend to invest in things they themselves perceive are valuable, know a lot about, have affinity for, and associate with contacts that buy and sell in said items. Which is why you don't see vegetarians investing in meat processing plants, or clean air advocates investing in coal burning industries.

The collective knowledge pool of Canterbury? Same group that supported the wallabies when Deans went? No place in our politics for this type of behaviour Harre resign.

I hope these pathetic people get a lot of votes and bring a few of their more outrageous mates with them into parliament. It will collapse the left vote for a generation when people see through them.

For goodness sake, get over yourselves. This is simply typical student behaviour.

Tom you are pathetic. If this is student behaviour. God help our country when you vote.

Interesting personal abuse. I suspect in the end the students may believe in and practice democracy more than you do Mary.

Mary... you need to get out some more. Obviously you are intimidated by the amount of support that Kim can get rolling. The Key empire should fall. its bent and focused on a very narrow section of NZ society.... namely very rich tax avoiding business's.

Have a laugh everyone. Its just a bit of harmless fun. Trying to draw comparisons to 1930's Germany is going a bit far.

That's what the Germans said about the Nazis in the late 20s early 30s. It was just a bit of harmless fun, it would never take off. Hitler and his henchmen were far too extreme to appeal to the average German.

So should you be expressing similar concerns re the Conservative Party, New Zealand First, ACT - and why stop at the Nazis. Surely your concerns extend back to Leopold II and Attila the Hun??

Hi Ken,

I think you'll find that those parties are pretty up front about what they want and I haven't seen them inciting this kind of emotion.

Prove the incitement. Plenty of comments here testify that your allegation is incorrect.

Background TRUTH is coming out the it WAS certainly the students doing, as they were heard chanting this 1 hour before Kim Dotcom's speech.

This was quote from a band State of Mind (via Twitter) who were there on the night:

"Lotta press talk about Kim Dotcom 'inciting hate' with a F*%$ John Key chant. I got raw vid of the crowd doing it 1hr before he spoke"

So why did it happen in Wellington as well and who asked the band, clearly bought by Dotcom, to do it?

You may not have been a student and therefore don't understand how students imitate other students, especially after all the publicity. As someone has said, get over yourself.

Brilliant! Finally someone is giving the young people a voice. Go internet mana, give them everything you have got!!

Riiiight... I think you'll find the Greens and Labour have been doing it for years.

Maybe they have... but not successfully.

What if the Internet Party was backed by a rich Kiwi who got up and made these statements and riled up the crowd. Would we still compare that person to Hitler? Or is it an all too convenient scapegoat purely because Dot Com is German...

Whatever sympathy I had for the big German in his quest to avoid extradition has well and truly slipped away.

This is nowhere near constructive politics and at best is a distraction from the real issues. At worst it is subversive and bordering on treasonous and would have had him lined up in front of a firing squad in his home country less than a century ago.

Interesting - we have two young German girls staying with us at present. When I asked them whether they had heard of KDC they looked at me blankly. Perhaps our pandering news media are the real reason why the egotist chose to reside in NZ.

We are naive
Our Polly's are naive
Our students are
And most of the above commentary says it all. This guy should not be here.
But naively we let him in.
What goes round comes round.

Chaps, it's neither Nazi Germany nor harmless student fun. It is a group of engaged young voters who want to rid New Zealand of its corrupt and inept government, who are seeking the best alternative. The process is called democracy, and using the vernacular to describe the defenestration of the puppet PM is all good free expression.

Interesting comment from someone who choose to post under a name made up of a comedian, and the chief propaganda officer of the Nazi regime...

So are you trying to be funny, or enlighten us through propaganda?

The future of NZ is with our youth. Like myself when I was young I enjoyed a prank but when it came down to reality a vote was a democratic right that I put a huge privilege on and would never throw it away to a fiasco such as Internet/Mana. And do not respond by saying the current parties are fiascos as there are only two choices, left or right.

There are three choices in 2014 - centre-left, left and hard-left.

And give some of the existing parties a chance and it would be a fiasco.

Both the main parties are bland flavours of vanilla centrism vying for points of difference; the incumbent now relies entirely on the charisma of a most uncharismatic leader. We have been far too influenced in the past two decades by American style campaigns driven by polling research, and the National party maintains its American spin merchants so there is little hope for any genuine NZ policy and planning or change there. The Labour party demonstrates a little more progressive policy for both business leaders and working families, the incumbent is just about a corrupt status quo with known cronies. But neither party can be called "left" or "right".

In reply to Zag, go on, vote for him! Just don't reveal your password or your bank account. New Zealanders will regret it if this foul-mouthed non-citizen with no standards gets any MPs into Parliament. Sooner or later Kim will walk away when he is done with naive voters like Zag.

I seem to recall Helen Clark got a pretty nasty reception at the University of Canterbury in 2005:

Seeing it first hand it wasn't pleasant. I think us Cantabs are just a bit simple...

Does this mean that all the men expressing such strong opinions here leapt to Helen Clarke's defence then and would willingly do so now?

I would assume so Sara, I suspect they were on their typewriters expressing to the editor immediately their incandescent rage and disgust at how low our country had sunk tinged with the appropriate amount of despair for the future.

Difference was in that case the PM was actually there with people screaming "f*ck you" maybe that made the whole thing OK and nothing nearly as bad as this episode?!

I can't remember in my lifetime when a party got up and incited this kind of emotion. It's actually disgusting and offends me deeply.

We fought in a number of wars for good, clean, democracy. What we have here is a German convicted criminal interfering with (possibly) bad money in our affairs. Worse, he's gone after the most vulnerable vote.

This should be a wake up call to New Zealand that we can be influence by large right wing convicted capitalists.

Whatever happens, we need to change MMP so that people like this man, who dresses in Nazi uniforms, can never, ever, influence us this way again.

I am astounded by Laila Harre's unconditional support of this kind of behaviour. And all Internet Mana MP's.

It is a very very bad day for NZ politics.

Large right wing capitalists like Steven Joyce and his ilk I presume you mean. They have no loyalty to New Zealand values or to our dearly won and defended way of life. They are selling NZ to the highest bidder and making massive capitalists like john key's banker mates very rich indeed through the billions they are borrowing off them. Change MMP? Muldoon would be proud of you. He ruled this country like a tinpot dictator on 34% support. Those students chanting is exactly what democracy looks like. If the Nationals win this year watch for civil disobedience on the streets of NZ on a massive scale as kiwis with ethics and morality reject the attacks on our New Zealand way of life.

we have such short memories ..and a corrupt least internet mana says it like it is
hone harawira always says it like it is

"How can you possibly align yourselves with a person like that?""

For the money.

What a shame he was ever allowed to enter this country

Hold on, John Key was born here. It is no fault of any authority that he became a citizen, but it is the fault of the electorate that he somehow was allowed to occupy the post of PM.

I wanted to give Laila the benefit of the doubt but after crying foul over JK's "sugar daddy" comment, then sticking up for Kim's neo-Nazi show that surfaced today, she's lost all credibility in my books. A sad day for NZ politics and, given our history re Muldoon, Peters and Craig, that's saying something....

Like most New Zealander's i want what is best for our great country now and for our children. I cannot see that KDC has or will ever do any good for our great country. He is a disruptive muck stirrer that adds no value.


No similar article " John Key Sugar daddy comment; misogynist or idiot?"

Harden up cupcakes! They are using their very own strategy to mobilize a segment of typically non voters. What are you moaners/slackers doing?

Its the sound of the establishment being rattled - expect to hear more of this kind of bleating as we get closer to the election...

Hahaha were any of you students? The Hitler conspiracies are ridiculous the reality he appeals to the yooof cause he's different than the b*sh*t offered by the establishment particularly Key and his cronies. Christchurch has suffered twice one was a natural disaster the second a political one. And you all believe it took KDC to motivate these kids to chant Fk J K. I think it would have been hard to stop them.

As much as I like to see the Internet Mana party exposed for what it is. I think we have to call this what it is.

This is clearly just a bunch of drunk students having a laugh and enjoying a concert on the cheap. Most of them won't vote at all and fair chunk will probably vote for National.

Great job on the PR Hooton, you're a real pro. Really put that (metaphorical) political prostitute Harre in her place.

There are even some sensible comments coming through. This man has been convicted for various offences, he has flags with swastikas and I think he fancies himself as an upcoming new age Hitler.
The sooner he leaves the country the better.
The hypocrisy of Harre and her team supporting a joke like this says something about her . Leila's grandfather would turn in his grave if he knew what rubbish she was espousing

Laila Harre is going to wake up one day and realise she has been taken for a ride. She's going to be very embarrassed that she could have been so stupid when all the signs were so obvious.

Not only that but her kids will be ashamed of her when they can think for themselves.

That's a burden she along will bear.

She voted with her wallet, instead of her morals and ethics...

She voted with her wallet, rather than her heart.

These are probably the same Canterbury students who regularly smash up my mailbox and throw their beer cans into my garden!!

We saw a mob in action here, but most of them were simply having a good time getting back at a government they know has the bit between its teeth, and enjoyed letting the government know what they think of it - with good reason...and why haven't we earlier protested against the condoning of bad language almost everywhere? It's a bit late now?

Youth is youth - and we all know very well that this government has been taking no notice at all of New Zealanders' wishes -it thinks it knows best, and we have a National Party which has left us all down. Labour is in a mess, and it's been no better when in power.

Dotcom's mongrel mob are not the answer. But he has some legitimate criticisms. And many are identifying with the fact that at least someone is standing up against John key, at present ruler of New Zealand...

Even though many of its MPs did not agree with John Key over the issues of asset sales, the anti-smacking legislation, allowing very wealthy foreigners and corporations to pick the eyes out of our country - our land, our farms, our houses, our businesses - and the really damaging haemorrhaging of so much from taxpayers' pockets into now arguably fraudulent treaty claims - whatever John key wants, John Key gets.

Determined leaders have caused a great deal of damage throughout history through not listening to the people of the country. Key's government is doing exactly the same.

We need to get back our country. I'm backing the 100 Days worked very well for the Swiss. It would work very well for us here, too. Otherwise, on we lurch from one major, deal-making party to another, just more of the same. OK with you?

To Estelle, Hitler was an Austrian too.

Im part of middle NZ and am struggling to be offended by this. It just looks like a group of excited students getting caught up in the moment.

As a student of the late 70's we were exactly the same, however our freedom of expression was more limited. In saying that it we probably enjoyed greater levels of freedom than students of the 50's.

Time everyone took a chill pill.

So Steven, on that basis, I guess if you would be OK for any of your rivals in a competitive situation to whip up followers chanting f*** Steven, lets take him down.

This could be your wife getting your children to chant this when you have disagreements; your rival in your workplace when you are both touting for a new position; or perhaps the guy next to you in a running race, getting the crowd to chant f*** Steven.

Such behaviour could only be motivated by hatred and bitterness. Think about what change of character you would have to go through to find this behaviour acceptable.

Such behaviour comes from what Jung identified as the shadow or in modern terms, the dark side of man. All tyrants and dictators were partly or wholely consumed by their shadow. The shadow is that part of our unconscious that has not been confronted or that the individual is unwilling to confront.

All tyrants come to power because people, unaware of their own shadow, are not able to recognise the shadow in the emerging tyrant and are powerless to stop it. Ask yourself, how was Hitler able to get in power if he was so evil? And Stalin? And Mao? And Saddam Hussein? To name just a few. Because people were blind to it, and were unable to recognise the characteristics. People like yourself.

1. Show the evidence of KDC "whipping" his followers to do the chant. There is plenty of evidence in comments above of the contrary.

2. A key to the democracy that stops tyrants is the principle that I may disagree with what is said but I will absolutely defend the right for it to be said.

3. And all of the personal abuse on these groups and the calling of people as communists and fascists, is any of this any different to what you criticise?

1. I am not concerned with the University students. Their actions are not of interest. They are young and impressionable, no different to the youth culture of the 60's and 70's.

I am however concerned about Dotcom in that he condones such behaviour as being OK. Every responsible parent, youth group leader, school teacher, or mentor knows that they are a role model and will go to great lengths to encourage good behaviour and discourage disrespectful behaviour. Any person in authority that is prepared to condone or encourage disrespectful behaviour to achieve their own goals does not have the best interests of the public at heart.

2. Great, I sure you don’t agree with what I am saying, but you will defend the right for me to say it.

3. Note that I don't and have never called Dotcom a communist or a facist. What I have done, is to point out aspects of Dotcom's behaviour, that are a reflection of his values and thinking. Those values and thinking are the breeding ground that other destructive political figures have grown from if given enough validation.

By all accounts Kim Dot Com has a lot of get up an go, an attitude of being a doer, and an infectious Charisma. I have a lot of respect for those qualities. He could do an enormous amount of good with these qualities. Any public figure with this degree of Charisma and these qualities has a huge responsibility. Those qualities need to be tempered with humility, a respect for and desire help others, become a good role model, and a conscious effort to not feed one’s ego in a destructive way.

And this is where I believe Kim Dot Com has gone wrong.
You only have to look to public figure’s like Richard Branson to see how much good can be achieved when that energy and Charisma are channeled in a positive manner.

Kim Dot Com and Richard Branson are worlds apart. I can assure you that if Virgin Airlines had tried to beat British Airways by having inflight passengers chant f*** British Airways, and offer no better service, Virgin Airlines would have collapsed within a week and Richard Branson would have gone down in the history books as being a nutter intent on bitter revenge. The public tend to be very discerning when spending their own hard earned cash, but far less discerning when either on a government handout or being offered something for nothing by a prospective government party.

With Kim Dot Com, the warnings signs are all there.

To Samuel Foster

That"s why we have MMP

MMP is numbers not people. MMP is a blind party vote.

It was the move away from voting for people and moving to proportional representation that allowed Hitler to rise to power in the first place.

MMP is unstable, because even though it is based on percentages, it is more based on party percentages, than people. The politics of a party selected from a list can change anytime based on who is the most dominant in the party and therefore created the list. With electoral representation based on individual people, it is those people who have the say, not the party.

We should be voting for people in our electorate and the values they stand for, not a party where the values of the people are unknown. Under MMP party members are more easily manipulated at the threat of being moved down the list.

We didn't like First Past the Post because of the party politics. MMP was jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

John Key is the man we need, KDC is a wicked corrupt instigator who is leading youth on a downhill trend in disaster....I strongly agree with u Samuel JK is the one even though he does have some radical viewpoints....

Lets recall the facts for a moment here:
KDC (whom I've met and is actually an affable, AND very smart guy) - is actually a criminal. Not a hurt you, rob from you kind - but a self styled underdog/poor misunderstood kind. The general public sees no threat from this kind. And kiwis love an underdog.

The government handled the investigation into this criminal poorly, it went public. The investigators made some mistakes. Ok quite afew.
KDC was offended, rightly so, and decided to do what any bright person would do; capitalise on the situation.
We, NZ public are to blame for letting this guy occupy our thoughts.

This video is a free party KDC threw right? Its clever editing over a not that big group of drunk kids, of whom i suspect 80% forgot the whole thing by the next morning. We're just not that passionate about our politics here. A free party though - that gets us kiwis excited.

I travel abit. KDC is nothing overseas. Like seriously nothing, who knows of any other international copywrite crooks? No-one right.

My opinion?
The real problem here is what he's doing to hurt NZ politics and all the genuine politicians - and NZ we're lucky to have a lot of these, are trying to to do govern this tiny, beautiful, under-resourced, awesome country of ours.

Honestly lets either deport him (sticky, but it will save us money and heartache - who here knows that we, the NZ taxpayer, were supporting KDC to feed himself, his brood and gold-digging wife at well over $1m per year?), or better still, just IGNORE him. He only has power and influence because we're still listening to him.

The fact we have an "internet mana" political party, funded by the proceeds of crime, is, in itself, criminal. Can the USA hurry up and place him in prison??

Roll on true democracy. MANA is for the people who are misrepresented by a callous, greedy government who only knows how to create record debt, make more roads, close functioning schools and rebuild new unnecessary schools at more cost to the taxpayers. John key is a banker. He has shares in oil and gold. NZ will be looking like swiss cheese by the time he's finished if we don't have earthquakes while drilling into iur fault lines. We're getting enough already. The man has too many secret to be trusted. He needs to go.

And you are choosing a foreign rich guy living in a big mansion who has made his money out of piracy to represent you?

Not sure what John Key has done to look after his rich mates, they certainly aren't paying less tax - that is a fact!

Who do you think creates wealth - certainly not the government and certainly not the unions! It is people who take risks!

I suggest you all read 'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich' by William Shirer.
The sooner Kim Schmitt (Dotcom) is extradited to USA the better. We do not want a Nazi sympathizer in New Zealand.

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