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VIDEO: Whale Oil goes mainstream - Slater vs Edwards vs Ralston

Broadcaster, Brian Edwards, and Listener columnist, Bill Ralston, tackle Cameron Slater, a.k.a blogger Whale Oil, about his new role as editor of Truth on TV3's The Nation.

As Mr Edwards brandishes Truth's Adultspace section, Whale Oil outlines his new direction for the blue collar paper.

Video courtesy Front Page.

Pictured (left-to-right): Dr Brian Edwards, Bill Ralson, Cameron Slater.

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Comments and questions

Cam Slater & Truth is going to be an interesting change. I suspect he has found a niche. Just as NBR has succeeded through a vibrant and interesitng comments facility to stories attracting in some cases a good dialogue better than most alternative blogs especially whaleoil, the shape of politics is such that the old left right mix is well and truly muddled. What counts is whose paying for what in too much tax or rates and the business community is slammed hard, treated like idiots by idiots. Looking for a bit of claret to be splashed around the boxing ring of politics for a change.

The National government is quite left-leaning so a right-wing paper will be welcome.

Sooo very happy for Whale Oil to be the new editor of Truth; so happy, I want to blubber.

Honestly, what journalist would work for the truth? It really is a rag. Time to ditch the title and start afresh.

truth? thays a misnomer if Id ever heard one. Heres hoping he can clean things up

Brian Edwards 0 , Editor Slater 1

Brian Edwards 1; Pathetically gutless, anonymous commentators - 100% of the above - a nice bouquet of white feathers.

interesting watch

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