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TelstraClear cable out in Christchurch

TelstraClear says it is slowly reconnecting customers to its cable service in Christchurch.

An outage hit TelstraClear's cable service in Christchurch in the early hours of this morning.

Around half the company's cable connections in the city, or about 13,000 customers, were affected, a spokeswoman told NBR.

"Customers are slowly gaining reconnection and we are focused on speeding that process up," the spokeswoman said.

"Once the service is back up to its full potential we'll fully investigate the issue and take steps to stop it from re-occuring."

Comments and questions

"... early hours of this morning?"

Nope, longer than that. No cable internet at my Chch home since 1pm Sunday - 28 hours so far. And 15+ minutes to get answered by a human on their phone line when it started.

May start looking around for a good alternative provider...

I agree with previous poster!....I am in Christchurch and my internet went out at around 1pm Sunday 1st Aug.......and still waiting for it to come back least a 30 min wait to talk to anyone!..............................over 24 hours.......that's ridiculous!

Agree with the others. My internet went out at around 1pm Sunday not just this morning. Is going now about 30 hours later. Not acceptable.

and wondering what Telstra Clear will be doing to compensate customers for this XT like failure

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