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Telecom peps up broadband plans, including half-terabyte option

Telecom has become the latest ISP to supersize its broadband plans.

All providers are holding their entry-level home line plus internet price around the $70 to $75 mark, but offering more data for the money.

In Telecom's case, it has upped the monthly data allowance on its $75 plan from 5GB to 30GB - at least until the end of 2013.

The company has also introduced a half-terabyte (500GB) plan for $119 a month.

In announcing the new plans, Telecom Retail's head of home Chris Thompson noted a recent Statistics NZ survey that reported the average New Zealand household is now using 16GB of data a month, up from 7GB a year ago (with Telecom holding half the broadband market, any change to its caps will literally change the behaviour of the nation).

Stats also found an 800% jump in those who use more than 50GB of data a month - enough to download around 20 high definition movies.

Telecom is not yet offering any UFB fibre plans. 

Retail head Chris Quin says residential fibre plans will be launched early next year, with an emphasis on video and other value-added services.

Comments and questions

Vodafone will soon rule the roost I'm sick of telecom all they seem to do is react to price change and added value they never lead it I think I'd rather go to Vodafone purely because they consistently create innovative new things and deliver a different type of customer service experience I never ever got from telecom time will tell though.

Vodafone have consistently adopted the short term mobile thinking. Huge customer feedback confirms poor customer support experience, even excluding the disastrous Cairo support which they embarrassingly had to reverse. Telecom took theirs to Manila and there is no shortage of critics off that experience. Running a niche ISP which has a longer history in NZ than any of the beforementioned has taught us how important real service from real people who can relate and communicate with customers really is. Actrix delivers true value solutions with true support which is also why we secure the award for best service amongst ISP's every year

I've never known Actrix to ever win any awards - Ahem - Blatant advertising much!!??

You don't know much then

Actually all the big boys suck. Sure they can provide great pricing but none of them can provide exceptional service, like some of the smaller ISP's. like Actrix networks in Wellington, they always rate in the top two of the consumer magazine and i have seen some of their new bundles.

Telecom launched the 500GB plan a month ago. And innovation counts for little if my broadband service grinds to a halt at 9pm and my mobile calls keep dropping...

Worldnet gives 600G-$119 and offers UFB fibre plans.

It's not in Telecom's shareholders interest to offer these packages until the 'big boys' do. Telecom understands the 'swings and roundabouts' philosophy behind customer retention and so is purely reactionary. Let's face it - they don't hold to monopolistic claught of 6 years ago and so have no need to be seen to 'lead' the industry with 'innovative' packages. Customers come and go... and come and go again, and come back...

Stirs comment makes no sense. Neither Vodafone nor telstraclear have data plans larger than 160GB, so telecom has clearly taken a step ahead of the big boys, rather than waiting for them.
Orcon slingshot etc are not big boys.
Snap definitely isn't.

I've been using Slingshot unlimited for some time and it has been pretty good. I like the fact that there is competition and differentiation in the market. it means that people who stream a shedload of music/video or do lots of downloading are catered for whilst the newly wed and nearly dead are with players like Telecom.

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