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Robin Judkins' Sydney painting reaches record price

Christchurch Coast to Coast entrepreneur and art collector Robin Judkins is rapt with the price he received from the auction of a Grahame Sydney painting.

Night House 11 sold for $160,000 at a Dunbar Sloane auction a couple of days ago – the highest price ever paid for a Sydney painting.

Mr Judkins told NBR ONLINE he was delighted. He considered it was an excellent time to sell artworks, given the muted performance of sharemarkets, gold and bonds.

He had owned the painting for more than a decade and it sold for several times what he paid for it.

He had greatly enjoyed owning it and it was time to cash up.

Mr Judkins is still negotiating over the sale of two other Sydney paintings which failed to sell at auction.

A Bill Hammond painting, Volcano Flag, rescued from the earthquake-damaged Lava Bar in Lyttelton, also failed to sell after reaching $120,000. It was expected to reach more than $200,000.

Negotiations are continuing with the owner, Peter Evans.

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Good to know my pricey Coast to Coast registration fees were used for more gentle pursuits than just throwing myself over the Southern Alps :-)

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