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Still no sponsor for TVNZ's Seven Sharp

With less than three weeks to go before the promised launch of TVNZ’s Seven Sharp, the state broadcaster is scrambling for a sponsor.

TVNZ spin doctor Megan Richards confirmed former Close-Up sponsor Kia Motors will not renew its sponsorship for the new show.

Kia Motors declined to comment on why it pulled out, but a TVNZ insider told NBR ONLINE the car company was unhappy with the new format.

Ms Richards told NBR ONLINE that TVNZ was still on the hunt for sponsors for the show to be presented by Greg Boyed, Alison Mau and Jesse Mulligan.

“We’re making good progress and we’ve having positive feedback from the meetings we’ve had this week.” 

Ms Richards says Seven Sharp is looking for sponsors to match its new audience.

“It’s pitching to a more inclusively young audience, It's not that we don’t want old viewers – we do – but we’d like to broaden the view.”

Doubt over the new show’s future comes just as TVNZ news boss Ross Dagan quit the broadcaster.

He had been in the role for less than one year.

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Comments and questions

Who would sponsor this schlock?

Sounds to me like all power to Kia.

Re-runs would do better than this show.

Digital TV tuners are awesome. They delete channels so easily. TV One is gone forever in this house at the push of a button.

"It’s pitching to a more inclusively young audience." Yeah, but they don't have any money. Who wants to advertise to a group that's broke?

And they watch Shortland Street.

And what's to watch on TV One that appeals to a younger audience?

The young audience live on the internet not in front of 50 inch TV screens. TVNZ needs new planners or better still needs to be privatised.

Who's actually watching TV One now?

Are the hacks at TVNZ just dumb, or what? Doesn't Shortcake Street already cater for that younger market?

It would be a brave sponsor who would risk giving their product the 'kiss of death' by being associated with this show.

If TVNZ want to avert a disaster, the two blokes should be dumped and replaced with Tamiti and Helen Clark. It would become a highly entertaining and ratings pulling freak show that would educate New Zealander's on minority lifestyles.

Ha, ha. We already an over-blown example of just what a complete and utter mess things would be like in politics. Just look at the left and the various factions that would print money to tell us what light bulbs we are allowed and how much water in our showers we're allowed.

No, thank you very much. The UN can keep Clark - no returns! But she'll be like Little House on the Prairie - too old, too tired and not relevant for today ... just like Labour is today.

Kia weren't going to renew their sponsorship of Close Up anyway. And a million bucks for Seven Sharp? Not likely!

Maybe the new sponsors could be the Wet Noodle Company.

Tui should become the sponsor: "Journalism, yeah right".

People need to be informed about issues so they can influence change and policy. The state of current events programming on TV is declining and situation is not any better for newspapers. Funding for good editorial content and investigative journalism should come from the government because then it would not be subject to advertising revenue losses or ratings.

.. and what exactly is "a more inclusively young audience"?

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