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'So Many Dumb Ways to Die' beats NZ's 'Ghost Chips'

"Some Many Dumb Ways to Die," continues to go super-viral.

The public service clip about safety at rail crossings and train platforms was created by McCann for Melbourne Metro Trains and uploaded a week ago.

It has now clocked just over 23 million views on YouTube - or more than the population of its target market, Australia (22.8 million). The viral video has been backed by more conventional newspaper and radio ads, plus train station billboards displaying its lyrics.

"Dumb Ways" success puts Australia one-up in the battle of the public service messages.

Even if you weight for population, it is twice as popular as NZ Transport's "Legend" (aka "Ghost Chips") which has attracted 2.3 million views.

McCann says there has been interest from the US, Australia and Asia, with others interested in taking the same approach to safety campaigns.

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Comments and questions

Hooray......some intelligent use of the video capabilities of the internet.

This is simply super!

Hi there, I am from the US, and I love the dumb ways to die video. We are purchasing a horse farm that has a railway crossing in front of it. Aside for rail safety, this helps teach people about not to get killed in idiotic ways from not thinking. It's an excellent public service announcement . Whoever made it should be proud.

The media are only upset how a small-time thing can create so much attention where they spend millions of dollars on thousands of people to get attention, just like how they ripped Kony 2012 apart.

I love the Dumb ways to Die video - clever & captivating! Well done team - a viral success!

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