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Shearer: Not looking for Helen Clark's endorsement

David Shearer says he is not looking for Helen Clarke’s endorsement as leader of the Labour Party.

Speaking this weekend on TV3’s ‘The Nation’ Mr Shearer said “I'm not looking for that.  I'm simply just saying from my point of view I have the endorsement of my caucus we move on and we get on to the issues that we need to be focused on.”

He said people should not read too much in to Clarke’s appearance in the Herald last weekend – the same weekend as the Labour Party Conference.

“Well yes, but she was interviewed and she's about climate change, she'd given a speech about climate change a couple of days before, so I don’t think we need to read too much into this.

”Oh look I think people have got past that, I mean Helen Clark is now firmly ensconced for the last four years as the UNDP Administrator, great job, and she was talking about climate change, which is a hugely significant issue for not only the UN but obviously us.  So I think that people have moved on from that.

He didn’t believe his supporters were upset over the article.

“Well I haven't heard that, so I mean if they are my supporters they haven't communicated that to me.”

He also said there was still a chance for David Cunliffe to have a higher position with party if he can prove his loyalty.

“He just needs to put his head down and work for the team, for all of the caucus.  Let's put ambitions aside and it's great to be ambitious, but we've got one leader, and let's work together to make sure that we get a

Labour win, that the most important thing that we can possibly do, and his input into that will be I'm sure in the future very very important, but right now it's about trust and it's about loyalty, and I have to have trust in the people that are close to me and the people who I depend on.

“Absolutely, I mean I would like to have him in a higher position and that door is certainly open to him.”

“Oh look from the point of view as a person that I have worked with over the last few years, I have an enormous amount of respect for him, I mean his knowledge around the economic issues and the political issues around those economic issues as well, he's very very talented.  There's no doubt about that.”

Comments and questions

David Shearer is an absolute disgrace.
Michael Joseph Savage would be spinning in his grave if he knew Shearer was running the Labour Party.

I've lost faith in someone who so dishonestly denies not knowing Kim Dotcom, let alone the teacup saga, with another one of those famous lies and now someone who has no respect for a once astute Mother of our Nation. You have all lost my vote and that of my family to the Greens.

David, you will get more votes if you move on from Helen Clark. We need to address family values and good parenting again to instill into our young a positive and caring way to rear our children. Our country needs men to be men, and not women trying to be men!!

Some media just dont know when to move on. This story is boring and has been dealt with. You should be chasing the government on issues like the increasing unemployment rate in this country, and the 170,000 jobs they have promised four years that they failed to deliver on. There are far more important issues than the Labour leader drama.

If Auntie Helen CLARK has been that good, she would still be NZ, guys? The only solution for Labour now is to gather all their strength to defeat National in 2014.

Labour has no strength, they look very limp wristed.

Shearer looks to Aunty Annette and Uncles Trev and Phil for guidance.

He is actually connected to elements that preceeded Helen!

Helen would only endorse someone with the skills, intellect, moral core and leadership skills to guide NZ into a prosperous and secure future.

That is why she endorses Cunliffe.

Anyone endorsed by Clark should run a mile.

Shearer was very poorly advised by King, Mallard, Robertson and Goff last week. They have advised him poorly for the past year.

Dumping Cunliffe was a very weak decision. Cunliffe is in tune with the membership. Sheared/Robertson are now hostages to a minority of the caucus old guard.

His complimentary comments about Cunliffe are (hopefully) a recognition that he needs Cunliffe if he wants to win in 2014.

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