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Samsung Galaxy S III over-takes iPhone 4S - research firm

Samsung’s Android-based  Galaxy S III smartphone model shipped 18 million worldwide during the third quarter of 2012, according to market tracker Strategy Analytics - putting it ahead of Apple's iPhone 4S on 16.2 million.

Neither Samsung nor Apple break out smartphone sales by model.

But we do know Apple said it sold 26.9 million iPhones in total last quarter.

By surveying channel partners, Strategy Analytics has estimated 16.2 million were the iPhone 4S, and 6 million the new iPhone 5, which was released two weeks before the third quarter closed (putting it ahead of Samsung's Galaxy S III if you add the two together).

Samsung has said the Galaxy S III is on track to sell 30 million by the end of this year. 

Statetgy Analytics says the strong early iPhone 5 sales indicate Apple will regain the lead in the current quarter.

Comments and questions

Given the sheer number of different Android handsets on the market I am surprised it has taken this long to happen. That it has taken this long probably speaks to the design savvy of Apple (not to mention the Scientology like smugness of their users)

Given the larger number of Android models on the market its actually LESS likely that another product would outsell the iPhone 4s. I don't see why you are surprised that its taken so long.

Having seen the iphone and the SGIII drop tests, Samsung will need to ship more of those plastic beauties. I've replaced mine twice; they shatter where the iphone " bounces". That said, I wouldnt go back to the captive world of apple again even if NBR gave one away with each subscription..

Captive worl of Apple - what's captive about it? A nice little ecosystem based on iOS, just like the nice little ecosystem you have with Android - except Apple is looking after its users by checking the quality of the apps loaded in the App Store, whereas with Android it's a bit of Russian Roulette - is this app genuine or is it a virus/malicious? I have voted with my feet (and head) - Apple all the way. Tell me I'm wrong about the state of Android apps...?

Hmmm. Sales of a current model outstrip those of an outgoing model. Who'd have thought!

Yeah real odd... that anything would ever out sell any model iPhone. Outrageous. Samsung must be cheating or cooking the numbers! Apple should take them to court over it... in the US there must be some law to protect Apple's interests? Surely?

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