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Retailer has beef with Telecom’s new TV brand

A group of companies holding trademarks to "ShowMe" and "Show TV" say they are upset by Telecom’s new brand, ShowmeTV.

Telecom has not officially launched its “high-quality” Internet TV service but released its logo on Friday.

However, a marketing company, Show TV, and its associated online retailer ShowMe, say the logos are confusing. 

A spokesman for the group of companies, Darryl Clarke, says they are taking legal advice over next steps.

Mr Clarke says the companies have been receiving phone calls and enquiries from people who are genuinely confused about Telecom’s new venture and ShowMe and Show TV.

“It has been distressing over the weekend for our entire management team as we watch Telecom move in on our well-established brands.

"If you look at our Show TV and ShowMe trademarks alongside Telecom’s proposed ShowmeTV logo, it's extremely confusing and raises serious questions about any intellectual property and branding advice Telecom has received on this project."

Show TV promotes its branded product through TV, online and at consumer shows and expos and its parent company Southern Cross Promotions owns the registered trademark “Show TV."

Show TV owns half of ShowMe – which sells the Show TV branded product. Show TV owns the trademark “ShowMe.”

Comments and questions

Do these people not do a basic google search first?

I think everyone needs to calm down - Telecom have never got a final product working in this space, Tivo (which was an unmitigated disaster) was the only TV type play that they actually got to market.

With this play the devil is in the detail - who have they partnered with to get content? How are they delivering content. How is the deal being monetised?

TVNZ (through Hybrid TV) was TiVo's financial and logistical partner in NZ. Telecom had a pretty peripheral role. For a brief time it had exclusive dibs on retailing TiVo settop boxes.

Telecom is nothing if not a copy cat. Spark is already used in Australia: so now they are geting logs mixed up.

AH well you cannot expect the best when you only spend $20 million.

The Telecom brand also belonged to a small locally owned company when our telephone services were first flogged off to ma and pa investors and the American investors. The owners were obliged to relinquish it because "telecom" was associated with telephony services. I can't see a similar argument applying to ShowMe- the connotations of the name, unprintable here, don't conjure up family viewing TV and if a marketing company already has it and feels it describes their business, they should keep it.

There's also Spark Dental Technology in Auckland who provide software for the management of dental practices, schools and public oral health services.

And there's a stuff load more:

Telecom was aware of the existence of Show Television Limited and Show Me Limited prior to last Friday’s announcement that we intend to launch ShowmeTV.

We have been following the appropriate processes for the use of ShowmeTV as a trademark in relevant industry categories. We do not believe customers will confuse a shopping/promotional business with our Internet TV offering.

Show Television Limited and Show Me Limited approached us late Monday on these matters and we look forward to discussing these with them in due course.

[Andrew Pirie is a comms manager at Telecom - Editor]

They also obviously didn't check out who'd grabbed @spark or @sparknz on Twitter before launching either.

Perhaps it is a deliberate ploy by Telecom to leverage the 'show tv' and 'show me' brands. Maybe Telecom (oops - Spark's) foray into content is actually infomercials.

Spark is a plain silly name for a phone company.

And as sparks can cause fires, it could be argued it's an irresponsible one to keep throwing around, as it were...Confusing.

How many consultants worked on this - and how many thousands did they get paid? Pathetic.

If you look at the logos it's pretty obvious what's going on. Someone on the telecom creative team will be on seek looking for a new gig shortly

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