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PM faints on eve of Antarctica visit

Prime Minister John Key fainted in Christchurch last night but has been cleared to fly to Antarctica today.

Mr Key collapsed after eating dinner at Italian restaurant Tutto Bene and was taken to hospital in a police car, where he was assessed by three specialists for about two and a half hours, a spokeswoman has confirmed. 

The specialists decided he was still fit to travel to Antarctica this morning, although they do not know what caused Mr Key to faint. 

The spokeswoman said she did not know if the prime minister had fainted before. 

The flight to Antarctica was initially due to leave at six o'clock last night, but was delayed because of weather conditions on the icy continent. 

During the three-day trip Mr Key will stay at Scott Base and be briefed on a number of research projects, as well as travelling to the South Pole. 

Comments and questions

Sorry to hear. Hope you are OK. All the best and enjoy the trip.

Someone told him Kim Dotcom was serving up gelato.

Did he actually faint or was he swooning over the waitress?

Some one told him Kim Dotcom had eaten all the gelato, and the tiramasu, and...

Deep down I think he is over politics. It's too hard...

John Banks is that you?

That's funny, NOT.

That response was smart. Really got me there, Banksy.

Was someone in the media being nice to him? That would explain everything.

Guessing he didn't have to wait in the lobby for a couple of hours before he could be assessed (like the rest of us:-) )

Was he asked to pay...

I would faint as well if I had to endorse Heika as education minister, and realising he is stuck with her due to the reverse discrimination he faces as a result of the Clark and Shipley years. He can't be seen to remove a woman (and a Maori, at that). He can't replace her with the best and most capable. It has to be a woman, and he doesn't have a long list of capable replacements.

It doesn't have to be a woman. But if it is, please bring in Crusher and let her crush the corrupted thinking of the educational unions, which among other things use innocent children as political pawns, having them wave political banners they couldn't even produce, let alone read or comprehend - prostituting a child's innocence for their own nefarious political gains.

When it comes to our PM, political expediency trumps "what's good for the nation" any day of the week. In this regard, Key's not so much an "artist" as he is artful.

Told him to stick to the Southland pinot. But noooo, he just kept on drinking that cheap Aussie stuff from Countdown.

Last A&E hospital wait for a member of my family with a medical condition was seven hours at Auckland, then transferred to North Shore for a 10-hour wait. Be interesting to know if it were a public or private hospital, and if he gets average Kiwi service.

Why would you suggest he should get "average Kiwi service"? He is our PM, for goodness sake.

Auckland Hospital saw me immediately, as they do with any chest pain as could be a heart attack. No doubt that thinking would apply to fainting because of what it could be.
Also, I wouldn't expect less for the prime minister of our country, regardless of political leanings.

Must have just got the real economic numbers through from Treasury ... you know, the ones in the second set of books.

Are the figures that good?

Will this be JK's way of exiting out of politics now by using ill health as an excuse?

Take off the heavy insulation until you are on the ice, John.
BTW Black Caps - if you want your brains to actually work when playing cricket, get rid of black caps while in the sun because you will faint or lose!

I detest how some people are so cynical and don't have any compassion left. Hope you get well Mr Key and do more great work for our nation.

Great work? Are you kidding? Have a look at this government's record and think for a moment, if you can, who calls the shots.

Part of the plan. Feigns medical condition (the fainting) . This stretches to rumours of a more serious illness. Has to step down (gracefully). Gets knighthood for his contribution. Suddenly gains full health. Secures plum job with UN or International monetary fund or something. (children living/studying overseas so convenient to live USA or Europe) And swans off into the sunset!
Basically, Igather he has had enough of politics as can't make any inroads in NZ with the MMP environment, Maori heads in the sand, greenies, etc, and so is bailing while he is on top. Can't blame him, really, but he has duped NZ into believing he is the good guy doing good. At end of the day, it's all about John Key, the boy with a solo mother who lived in a housing corp house... Big egoooooooooooo.

Nothing trivial one hopes.

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