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Pippa Wetzell replaces Ali Mau on Fair Go

Pippa Wetzell will co-host consumer affairs show Fair Go, replacing Ali Mau, who has moved to new primetime flagship Seven Sharp.

The former Breakfast presenter has been reading One news at 4.30pm after returning to TVNZ from maternity leave.

She will join co-host Gordon Harcourt on the Fair Go desk and says she is "thrilled" to be joining the team.

"Not only is it an established and successful show, but I'm looking forward to upholding the standards and responsibilities that Fair Go has become known for." 

There is also a new executive producer, 20-year TVNZ veteran Max Adams, who was the first executive producer for politics show Sunday.

TVNZ Current Affairs Editor Briar McCormack says "Pippa is a fantastic addition to our team and a perfect fit for the show".

"Fair Go has been part of New Zealanders' lives for 36 years, and everyone who works on the show is very passionate about sticking up for the little guy."

Ali Mau will join Greg Boyed and Jesse Mulligan as a presenter on current affairs show Seven Sharp, which screens on weekdays at 7pm.

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Comments and questions

I do wish TVNZ would get some fresh faces and stop just moving the old chess pieces around. Aren't we trying to keep our fresh talent in NZ and in employment?

I think Pippa has a great face...

Yeah, leave Pippa alone.

Are you serious? Pippa is amazing!!!

She's on the payroll so they may as well use Pippa. I think she is a good fit for this show.

Pippa is one of the best personalities on TV, so the more she can do the better. She is not only a great presenter but appears to be a very genuine nice person.


Pippa only seems like a good choice when you compare her to the car crash that was Petra Bagust. It's just varying degrees of vapid.

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