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The latest NBR PEOPLE SCENE photos including:

  • Laneway music festival
  • Jaguar F-type launch
  • Trelise Cooper Fashion Show at Karaka Million
  • Karaka Million
  • Mondo Travel L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival launch

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All pictures by Norrie Montgomery (

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Comments and questions

What a bunch of Auckland wallies.

And you wonder why we hate you Jaffas. lol

Couldn't agree more, Anonymous, but then everyone in it thinks it is a 'world-class city'. They reckon if they tell themselves that enough, others might start to believe, too.

As long as they didn't steal from you, they can do whatever they like with their money. Jealousy won't get you anywhere!

Don't know here all this hatred towards Aucklanders comes from. Us Jaffas love the rest of NZ. Without you guys milking cows we wouldn't be able to party all the time.

On Thursday at 6.30pm I was loitering just outside the roped-off area. I have to say that the black Jag coupe looked really wicked. Surprisingly, the canapes didn't look anything special (like elongated french fries). Mind you, I wouldn't have said no if offered one.

As I sipped my chardonnay in the beautiful sunshine looking at the lovely people it soon depressed me that so many fellow Kiwis could not live in Auckland.

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