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Shearer calls caucus meeting to confirm leadership


Labour leader David Shearer is to hold a caucus meeting tomorrow afternoon to confirm his party leadership.

While deflated challenger David Cunliffe has already said he will support Mr Shearer tomorrow, he has yet to say if his support will extend to February’s leadership review when new voting rules come into play.

Under those rules, just 40% of the caucus, or 14 of the 34 MPs would need to support a potential new leader to spark a leadership challenge.

If the 40% threshold is reached, then a wider vote will take place in which Labour MPs' votes count for 40% of the total; party members' 40% to the parliamentary party, and affiliates such as unions 20%.



Labour leader David Shearer is hinting he'll push for a showdown with challenger David Cunliffe within days.

A leadership review is scheduled for February.

Mr Shearer is looking to regain the initiative following a rule change passed at the party's conference over the weekend, which was seen as a tactical victory for Mr Cunliffe. The change means a challenger now needs the support of just 40% of caucus to force a leadership  vote.

"What we want to do is put all of this behind us – and that’s what we’ll do in the coming days," Mr Shearer said on TVNZ's Breakfast this morning.

But Mr Shearer would not say when a vote could occur other than to offer the alpha male boast that "It will be me who decides when it happens and how it happens."

Cunliffe tries to derail a vote this week
For his part, Mr Cunliffe said he would support Mr Shearer in any vote held over the next few weeks - presumably as a stalling tactic while he builds support. 

The weekend rule change means the challenger needs the backing of 14 colleagues (or 13 plus himself) to force a vote.

Political commentator David Farrar sees 10 Labour MPs already inside Camp Cunliffe, with five waverers:

Camp Cunliffe
1. David Cunliffe
2. Nanaia Mahuta
3. Charles Chauvel
4. Moana Mackey
5. Lianne Dalziel
6. Louisa Wall
7. Rino Tirikatene
8. Sua William Sio
9. Sue Moroney
10. Rajen Prasad.

Unknowns up for grabs:
1. Parekura Horomia
2. Shane Jones
3. Megan Woods
4. Ross Robertson
5. Andrew Little

If the 40% threshold is reached, then a wider vote will take place in which Labour MPs' votes count for 40% of the total; party members' 40% to the parliamentary party, and affiliates such as unions 20%.

Cunliffe not endorsing Shearer

Nov 17: Labour Party MP David Cunliffe won’t confirm whether he will support David Shearer when the Labour Party caucus votes on its leadership in February next year.

A rule change pushed through by "Camp Cunliffe" at the Labour Party Conference today means a challenger will need just 40% of caucus support to call a leadership vote at the scheduled Februrary review.

In practical terms, that means Mr Cunliffe needs the support of just four of five wavering MPs to force a vote.

Speaking this weekend on TV3’s “The Nation," (scroll down for video), Mr Cunliffe said: “I haven’t given it any thought”.

"I’m not prepared to discuss individual remits, whatever they are. 

“I'm a very strong supporter of the organisational review.

“I haven't formed a view on any particular matters that are caucus matters and in any particular case, it wouldn't be appropriate to talk about them now.”

Mr Shearer said he was “absolutely” confident he would win the vote.

Between now and February, “I will be doing exactly what I'm doing now – being the leader of the Labour Party".

“The thing I have to do is get out and talk about the real issues that are facing New Zealand.

“That's jobs, that's employment, that's education.

“That' my job.

“That's the only thing I’m focused on.”

Mr Cunliffe said he would be enjoying “a very nice restful summer”.

Around 600 delegates have turned up to Labour's annual conference at the Ellerslie Events Centre in Auckland - reporteldy the biggest turnout since the 1980s.

Video courtesy Front Page.

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Comments and questions


Is Robertson endorsing Shearer? Is Little endorsing Shearer? Is Mallard endorsing Shearer?
The Labour membership yesterday used both hands to grab real influence and to make the party relevant. The vote yesterday will reduce the factionalism in the Caucus. The power has shifted to the grass roots.

Labour will cannibalise itself now through endless bouts of factional infighting as the 40% reject what the 60% have elected for… only for another bout of in fighting before the majority elect someone… then the 40% reject that choice also…

Labour’s new catch phrase should now be “For the only viable alternative… vote Greens” and hope they can muster enough votes to be a minor coalition partner, because most of NZ Inc will not want a corrupted, factional omni-cluster screw up bunch of competing ego’s to be our “Government” when they can’t even choose their own leader, but in the next breathe hope NZ Inc will allow them to lead the country?

Tui Billboards should put the Labour Party logo with the wording “NZ’s next Government”

From what I saw on TV last night, those attending the Labour Party conference are exactly the sort that you see in any Winz office -- dowdy, untidily-dressed and overweight, And you want thst disparate bunch of wastrels and tinkers running the country?

The same people who voted for Obama


There'll be a party at Nats' Head Office tonight.

What a scruffy, rough,unkempt looking bunch of union loosers we saw on the telly last night. They could not run a henhouse by the look of them.
And look at that pik of D.C. Would you let your daughter go out with a guy looking as shifty as that ?? Not I--said the little red hen

The Greens will love this. Here's their chance to become the main opposition party.

Mr Cunliffe and Mr Shearer should both support Jacinda ARDERN instead to have any chance of winning over John KEY and his Party to form the next Labour Party Government in ifs or buts!

Jacinda Ardern - former President of International Socialist Youth a ComIntern organisation affiliated to the Soviet Union.

And you call yourself 'Fair Nzer'???

This failed philosophy has seen 120 million deaths in 95 can keep your 'equality of the grave'.

She left IUSY years ago in 2009....wake up, guy.

She still spouts the ideology, listen carefully to what she is saying, not what she wants you to hear; there is a difference, and it is all in the same sentence each time.

Jacinda's recent questions and speeches have been gentle and constructive.....perhaps you can prove otherwise.

ardern's ofetn contradictory waffle is largely irrelevant. it's more that, In labour's wake, National are doing a fine job as the core socialist party in NZ.

Only three years ago?

Yes, in 2009.

Pity this country if that lightweight ever got in a position of power.

Jacinda might look lightweight to you, but when she is PM in 2014, then you still have a chance to judge her ...

They already are.

Selffish people like you (hopefully not all Labour Supporters) is that you are not willing to gve anybody a chance to lead....the old saying goes "Faint heart never won fair lady"

If Cunliffe loses the leadership battle (again), will he resign from Parliament?

Why is it that the MSM never asks the hard questions of Labour?

Shearer promised membership involvement in the party processes.
The membership took it! Thank you
Shearer gets scared n throws a hissy fit!
The membership will punish Shearer if he continues his witch hunt.
Shearer is not a nice bloke. Nor a leader.

Did Shearer not see that, once he let the genie of membership involvement in the leadership selection out of the bottle, the members would want to exercise that right?
The problem is NOT Cunliffe. The problem is how and why an inexperienced backbencher like Shearer was put into the role.
Shearer failed on every score all year. After 100 hours of rehearsal he makes one decent speech.
However messy, Shearer has to go. His reaction to the membership vote is unworthy of any party leader.

Proving beyond doubt that when pretentious self interest groups like the gays, hijack an organisation and control it, they also spell its death knell.The essence of political success is connection with your voters. Labour is in massive disconnect and ain't Shearer's fault, but Clark and Williams who ordained this ambush takeover by stealth of Labour's Caucus.

If I was a labour party supporter I would look at the two of them and think Shearer is a reasonable decent and straightforward bloke but Cunliffe presents as slimy and untrustworthy. The ordinary voter does not listen to political speeches or read them in newspapers. He or she votes partly the way his or her parents voted, partly on "what will the party do for me" and partly on a gut feeling about the leader. The first and second reasons weigh most. How else would Helen Clark have got elected?

Can't trust either as they are both Internationalists (who loathe the nation state) albeit of differiing factions.

That said I entirely agree re: Cunliffe. This creature is as slimy as a bag of jellied eels.

Couldnt have put it any better - "Cunliffe presents as slimy and untrustworthy"....might I add, comes across on TV as pompous and arrogant too...

Fortunately for the nation, Cunliffe has failed to recognize the 'First Rule of a Coup'.... KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY!

These are the guys we/you voted for to represent us, the people. They have their heads so far stuck up their own A$@#'s that they forget who they work for... this is worse than an episode of shorty street - not only that, they have they snouts in taxpayer-funded salaries like pigs at a trough.

As a National voter I am loving this , I have always believed Shearer is with the wrong party , after seeing the motley crew of ugly, fat,badly dressed , thick, looking individuals on television last night that make up the labour party, I thanked god they are not representing NZ on the World stage. I hope Cunliffe becomes leader they have no chance of winning with that slimeball.

I am not joking, but amongst all those at the Conference, was there ANYONE who has been a business-owner or been involved in any start-up venture? Being a team leader doesn't count.

If Andrew little wants to be the future "President" of NZ he needs to go with Cunniliffe. the left have the unions and the money lines

Wow really good to see all New Zealander 's as usual having a negative view on everything. There’s not a positive comment above anywhere.
Don’t you want there to be an opposition party to at least keep the government honest..
No one here can say any party is perfect but you do need other parties.
Cunliffe and Shearer are not the best for the job at all but they do need a leader, someone who does see a future for New Zealanders not working for the Chinese, Australians or Americans I would have said Europeans but there collapsing like a house of cards..
Remember as New Zealanders we are better than all of this… Pick a leader support him and make change.
John Key tries his best but he gets bagged all the same, If its not Gays, Dotcom or the double hand shake fiasco its something he said as a joke that’s being bought up by one of the minor parties trying to get there 2 seconds in the sun.
Remember at the end of the day were trying to just make sure the country isn’t broke and our kids aren’t slaves of someone else.
NZ for life.

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