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John Boscawen new ACT president

Former MP John Boscawen has been elected president of the ACT Party. 

He replaces outgoing president Chris Simmons, who has held the role since 2010. 

Mr Simmons nominated Mr Boscawen for the role and he was elected unopposed. 

"I don't doubt that the task I am undertaking is a difficult one, but I believe the ACT Party has an important role to play in Parliament," Mr Boscawen says. 

He will give his first address as president next month at the party's annual conference at Gibbs Farm, Kaukapakapa, north of Auckland. 

Comments and questions

Good to hear! John is a very talented man. Now all we need to know is who is replacing John Banks next for 2014.

That's good news. ACT has had many highly talented members over the years and some brilliant policies. Unfortunately, they have had some not-so-good members as well, but overall their contribution to a balanced parliament is very worthwhile. Good luck, John. Get the show up and running prroperly.

As someone who left ACT when Dr Brash launched his ill-conceived takeover, this news has me thinking that perhaps the situation is not so dire as we might otherwise believe.

John Boscawen is a person of absolute integrity. ACT is very lucky to have him.

And who knows; maybe it means there's life in the old girl yet?

This is good news. John Banks with his creation views and recent conversion to ACT is unsuitable.

ACT sold out everything that it stood for for the "baubles of power". Time for this political corpse to be buried and the loss of a libertarian voice analysed. Banks, Brash and Hyde all destroyed a necessary voice in politics, and the reactionary pseudo religious Conservative Party are not the candidates to take up this roll, neither is the party of the status quo National either. Time for a new start, but ACT has to go before it can begin.

Like it matters. ACT is done.

Wrong - the original policies

Seems like good news, indeed. ACT has been a mess in recent years and needs to return to some of the founding values. To wish that the party should be dissolved before a new libertarian party is formed is ill-advised. Boscawen has the qualities to do the job. Banks has to go before the party is too firmly identified with him.

Too late already is.

John Banks is dog tucker. Just too much baggage this time, not the least being him bolting on to Kim Dotcom. All he had to do was front up with a Big Mac and a thicker mattress and a promise to try and help. Kiwis would have respected that. Instead, he cut and run.

Not true!!!! You don't know the facts.

Facts? How about selling out everything you believe in as a party to put a fundamentalist hypocrite in as your MP.

Good luck John, you will do a good job I'm sure!

Big farm for such a little party. So there will Boscawen, Banks, Gibbs and a few other political dinosaurs. Even the giraffe's and zebras should see the funny side.

I'm not sure why a person of integrity would bother with this office. Even Rodney Hide, the last credible elected representative of the ACT Party, seems to have lost his track in retirement, fantasising over raw milk, Chernobyl veges and a country free of Maori doctors. Banks can thank David Shearer's incompetence for retaining his place in cabinet, but he seems to have gone to ground completely and has no voice anyway. Charter Schools, the core ACT policy, has been discredited by the late realisation that old-fashioned poverty and inequity is the problem in education (the secretary of education herself said it) and by ACT's own extremism in opting for unqualified teachers who could be grave robbers or pedophiles for all we know or for all ACT cares.

Have been repulsed by this party with the exception of John Boscawen.
Good luck to him!
Not likely to turn coats and vote for them but might hear some interesting policies emerge which would be good.

They could have Jesus as ACT president and it wouldn't make any difference. In politics as with everything else, once your reputation is lost, it's time to call it a day.

Yes Icarus,
But,you don't know John Boscawen.
He is determined, incredibly hard working and focussed. If you say something can't be done, he will make a liar of you.

Watch this space is all I can say.

Watch this space... Seriously? This party is a joke, full of weirdos and not worth being taken seriously. Time to wind it up, fellas.

Sadly Paul, you just described all the political parties of NZ.

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