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Job losses at Gen-i

Telecom IT and telco services division Gen-i has confirmed industry rumour that a round of redundances is underway.

“At Gen-i we are constantly reviewing the way our business operates, to enable growth and to meet the current and future needs of our clients - which is standard business practice," a spokeswoman told NBR.

"We can confirm we are in consultation with a small number of our 2500 staff as part of this ongoing change. However we do not discuss personal employment details at an individual level.”

A definition of "small" was not immediately forthcoming.


Comments and questions

After tears of mismanagement and buying business and not innovating, Telecom and Gen-i have only left themselves with the discount/price option and this means constantly cutting costs which means laying off people....surely there is a smarter way?

Sadly it's the only way Simon Moutter knows.

You need to Diet in order to compete. Being Fat and all consuming slows you down. Shedding the Hangers on (Fat) will allow the younger Muscle to power though and create opportunities, take more risk and deliver. I SM is the Right Man for the Job, he knows what is needed in this new environment to enable Telecom to deliver Value and change your world. Telecom needs to be the winner of the "Biggest looser" show in order to win.....

What you Kiwis want great service and for a great value, or help with employment stats !!!!! Buy providing a great services and value Telecom doesn't have to employee those people, they can enable people to create new jobs and new opportunities.

If you lay off enough people there are only two options left for bureaucratic organisations - innovate or die. Maybe more of this tough love is what Gen-i (and the rest of Telecom) needs?

Saw it coming the moment Moutter was announced as CEO of Telecom Group. When your parent company releases $billions of cabling and exchange assets to Chorus, there are entire teams of people you no longer need.

I don't see this as an issue for Gen-I, they're simply repositioning themselves post-demerger. They'll come out of this strong ... Moutter won't have it any other way. Unfortunately for this small group of affected staff, Moutter's strong financial clout comes with a "staff are expendible" side-effect.

Gen-i bleeding and battered from constant restructuring. Previous ham-fisted attempts at restructuring were done so badly that they have to keep restructuring. It's a wonder they have to lay people off when disengaged staff are leaving in droves.

The moment Telecom bought out Computerland and Gen-i Red the rot set in. Not only did they spend seven years shedding their bread-and-butter customers in favour of the big, but few and far between enterprise customers, but they also actively shed their best-of-breed technical staff in the process.

It is only in the last year have they realised, too late, that it is the small SME that pays the wages. In the regions it is all about the shrinking mobile market while IT margins decrease even further every year.

As a Gen-i insider, it has been a case of watching while the company slowly implodes on itself and the opposition scurry around to pick up the remnants of our declining customer base.

@ #14 you are close to the money here... I think the long-term implications that need to be considered by HR and the various execs wrecking both businesses is the sad fact that New Zealand is a very small place and companies like Gen-i (which is essentially an IT services company) are only ever going to be as profitable as the calibre of the people they hire.
With both companies becoming known as bad employers and shocking places to work, they will struggle to attract talent while the competition slaughter them. Sad, isn't it?

As it says in this article, Gen-i has constantly "tweaked" its business with ongoing restructures over many years.

Assuming you are still a "Gen-i insider", if you are that bitter about the company go and find another job and stop whining!

Unbelievable. Some people don't know how lucky they are having a job at all.
I agree with Anonymous #8. Well said. Sometimes you just have to clean out the dead wood to become more nimble.

#8 - having worked for gen-i, I'd have to say that in my experience, while people are getting steadily more bitter and twisted by the regular cycle of restructures, there is still a desire to make a success of the business in the middle tiers of management. It is despite the efforts of senior management, not because of it, but people are not always rational. Whining is just part of venting the ongoing disappointment.

Gen-i works despite itself and thats the real irony of the situation. Business is ultimately about people. Money is important but is at the end of the day just a measure. Working there I am constantly shocked at how poorly the staff are treated and how avoidable most of this silliness is. I do wonder why NZ companies are so badly run

@#6 Sorry, first I've heard of Telecom and Gen-i being "bad employers and shocking places to work". As an employee (and not that high up) I can quite comfortably say it is the best company I have ever worked for.
But, of course, I work hard and therefore get the rewards. Which is not something I can say for everybody here.

Well that's great to hear - a low level employee who works hard and is on the fast track to corporate glory.

I am very pleased to hear you enjoy your job. I am sure that being so smug and self satiisfied you'll do well at Telecom right up to the day of your very own "restructuring".

You are one of the very few people in the industry who doesn't believe Telecom have all but destroyed the culture that made Gen-i so successful and its cusomers so happy. Let's hope everyone else is wrong and you are right.

Some staff in Gen-i need to wake up an smell the roses. You get paid well and your working conditions are bloody good. Get out in the real world and you will know what shite companies there are out there. In the Chch earthquakes Gen-i had the staff welfare and their familes at the forefront. Gen-i support was fantastic to its staff. Restuctures are a part of life. The industry doesn't stop for Gen-i so its got to keep evolving. If ya dont like / accept change find another low'-paid job and a grotty old office with a one-bar heater in it.

I used to work there a few years back, I had a generally good time and it was one of the better places I've worked over the years.

Like anywhere though, your job satisfaction will depend almost entirely on your immediate team, line manager and your primary client.

The advice to stop whining and leave is fundamentally true although terribly condescending. I'd recommend trying to move to a different account first. People can become unhappy for reasons outside of their control.

This is a sad indictment of the state of affairs of the company and staff.

They have spend millions getting staff engaged and businesses lines aligned but it's not working.

They say never mess with a winning formula and sadly that's what happened here. Too many changes too often has left the company and staff disillusioned and directionless.

Accountability and responsibility lie with the senior management.

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