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Hobbit fever in Wellington [PHOTO ESSAY]

An army of fans (20,000 according to police, 100,000 by TV news shows' count) gathered ahead of The Hobbit premiere.

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Elijah Wood on the red carpet (via @jeremybank)

Geraldine Burnett and Seeby Woodhouse (via @Seeby).

Prime Minister John Key with the ubiquitous Ms  Burnett and Mr Woodhouse (via @Seeby).

Olly Biggins collects his luggage at Wellington Airport.

Early crowds gather at the 500m long red carpet

A Hobbit artisan market along side the red carpet

A closeup of the red carpet the stars and guests will use

A barrel of the Hobbits' finest ale...

Preparing the stage outside the Embassy Theatre

A closeup of the stage outside the Embassy Theatre


More by Photos by Blair Cunningham

Comments and questions

Its a pity Big Ears (aka Prince Charles) has left. He would have fitted in very well as a stage prop next to the red carpet.

No pictures of the hypocritical Labour, Green and union troughers who did their level best to push these films offshore but still turn up for the red carpet.

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