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Christchurch generator thief convicted

A man who stole three TelstraClear emergency generators the day after the February 22 Christchurch earthquake has admitted to his part in the crime, which provoked national outrage after the devastating quake.

Owen Anthony Jackson, a 23-year-old fisherman, has pleaded guilty to stealing the three generators worth $6000.

The three generators powered roadside cabinets each feeding up to 500 landline and broadband customers, meaning many of those customers could have been left without phones or internet during the quake's aftermath.

Sourcing generators was a priority for telcos after the quake as they struggled to get power to cabinets back up and running.

A TelstraClear spokesperson at the time said the theft was "very frustrating" and comments from readers registered outrage.

Mr Jackson has been in Christchurch Men's Prison since being remanded in February.  Police prosecutor Constable Michael Tualii said on February 23, between 7.30pm and 10pm, Jackson and an associate took generators from three street locations and tried to sell them.

Jackson told arriving police he was sorry and admitted it was a stupid thing to do.

Judge John Strettell convicted him of theft and remanded him for sentencing on May 11.

His accused co-offender, 22-year-old unemployed man Jed Wilson-Calver, has been remanded in custody for a defended hearing.

Comments and questions

Let's hope the judge doesn't hand out yet another slap with a wet bus ticket.

Give a sentance that will be a real deterant - say like 20 years - at least! Especially since the entire country was in a State of Emergency at the time.

But then the judges will need to revisit the sentancing for the scum that attached a police officeer and only got 8 years for attempted murder - if ever there was a case for the death penalty, that should be it!

Save the human gene pool from such vermin! Give the guilty sentances that willbe a real deterant - not like some kind of badge of honour among thieves.

Like all uncivilised, criminal, social misfits, they should be permanently sterilised so they can never breed more of their own kind.

His nuts should be wired up to it

Death is the only option

This strong (perhaps, not too smart) young man really needs good councilling to be fruitful, not death.

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