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Christchurch from above: the rebuild (PHOTO ESSAY)

A new series of aerial photos shows the extent of Christchurch's CBD cleanout since the quakes.

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Facing east looks down on Cathedral Square (centre of photo). In the foreground, a crane is used to dismantle the last of Clarendon Towers on Oxford Tce. The round-shaped Rydges Hotel to its left will remain and a new convention centre will built next to it. The colourful area to the right of the photo shows the temporary pop-up mall in Cashel St. The fate of some of the buildings still standing is yet to be decided but most that have survived so far are likely to remain. (Photos: CERA)

Facing north along Manchester St, the 24-level Hotel Grand Chancellor is completely gone and work is under way demolishing the Holiday Inn, City Centre, on High St, owned by Rich Lister Philip Carter.

Facing south along Manchester St (centre) and Madras St is the next parallel street to the left. The green patch on the left is Latimer Square, which will form the beginning of a green frame landbank stretching south along several blocks. Some undamaged buildings to the right of Latimer Square will be demolished to make way for more parks and a childrens' playground, according to the blueprint being imposed on the central city by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority. The areas along the banks of the Avon River will be further developed as a river precinct with walkways and cycleways.

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