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Chauvel quits Parliament

Labour MP Charles Chauvel says he will resign his seat on March 11.

The one-time party high flyer says he has accepted a position with the United Nations in New York (workplace of former Prime Minister Helen Clark), advising on parliamentary development and democratic governance.

Mr Chauvel was pegged by media as a member of "Camp Cunlifee" during the recent Labour leadership spat.

As the incumbent David Shearer consolidated his position in February, easily winning a leadership vote, Mr Chauvel found himself on the outer.

A former Minter Ellison partner, Mr Chauvel entered parliament as a list MP in 2006 as a list MP.

He has served as Labour's justice spokesman since February 2011 and as the shadow atorney-general and Labour's arts, culture and heritage spokesman since December 2011.

For the past two years, the openly gay Mr Chauvel has also been a member of the United Nations' Global Commission on HIV and the Law, a part-time position.

Former MP Carol Beaumont is next on Labour's list.

Comments and questions

One guess who got him that job?

Hmm ... Labour ... openly gay ..... ??

No - still don't get it.

He knows Labour has no chance of getting a third term so he's off. This is the down side of MMP. If a list member quits for another job the party should lose that seat altogether.

So when Lockwood Smith resigned to take up a diplomatic post, National should have lost an MP?

What? Are you confusing National and Labour? Chauval is Labour, and they are not currently in Government. Try to keep up. And if they give up a list seat, there will no longer be proportional representation. Good lord, do you know anything about our parliamentary system, or indeed our Government?

Best news I've read in ages! The Labour Party advertising that would appear in my letterbox from his electoral office would make my blood boil. The worst was probably his disgraceful fear mongering in the run-up to the GST hike. His flyer talked about how for a $100 grocery shop, $15 would now be tax, accompanied by a quote from a PI family fretting how they'd pay “all this tax”. (No mention, of course, that Labour was to thank for $12.50 of that long-present tax). Disgraceful. That, and his depressingly common socialist-but-not-really duplicity - marketing himself as a man of the people, looking out for his working brothers, when he's driving around in a convertible Mercedes and living in a very expensive suburb. Lowers my opinion of the UN, though.

...Lowered your opinion..?? Good God, the UN is the most corrupt institution on planet earth. Interesting that all our ex pollies are gravitating to it.

But then no MP really is.

A total non-performer in parliament -- so, only fitting, he goes to the United Nations.

The hollowing out of the Labour Party continues. Soon Shearer and his sponsors will have the party to themselves.

The activists and the progressives will read the signs.

Besides just bury his snout deeper into the taxpayer trough, what did he actually do and achieve while in parliament?

Can anyone please answer?


I don't really know about what this says about ,or means, for Chauvel and Labour, but somehow I don't think it says much.

So what on earth is Aunty Helen up to? Missing her boys? First Carter was off to the UN, and now it's Chauvel. Will Robertson make it a gay trifecta? And does this mark the beginning of the end of Labour's sequinned caucus of fabulosity?

Enquiring minds want to know.

This enquiring mind would like to know why you're obsessed with the fact that two gay men have gone to the UN. Who cares if they're gay?

It looks increasingly like the Labour Party does.

Not too sure. But one thing you can be certain of: is that there will be much squeals of joy followed by heliated giggling when Carter rushes over to Chauvel and gives him a crushing welcoming hug in the UN foyer.

Knees-up time for them all in Chelsea, NYC.

Yes, it'll be girl's night out!

You forgot their ginger-haired whip who was caught chasing a naked young man down the street in Hataitai.

More evidence that the UN is totally irrelevant!

Good riddance.

Big Gay Out.

Boy oh boy - homophobia is rampant today

Can't believe its 2013. I guess society hasn't changed that much, with the anonymity provided by a message board all the homophobes run free.

Isn't it funny, how a certain person when she was in govt surrounded herself with certain people, and now the UN is going to be run by the same type.

All straight people on the Labour bus get off at the next stop.

If Chauvel was more fiscally responsible he would've worked his passage on those overseas junkets

This is really bad news for Labour. Is the UN job really going to be better than Attorney General / Minister of Justice in the Shearer / Norman / Peters Government? He know this Government will not happen.

Well done to Charles Chauvel. Let me say I do not know him nor do I support Labour. However, he seems like an articulate and highly intelligent fellow, and who can blame him from wanting to get away from Wellington? I think it would perhaps be healthier if the conversation focused on whether or not the loss of a talented socially minded individual such as Mr Chauvel should tell us something about the state of the nation. As for the homphobic petty nonsense of some other contributors, shame on you.

Anyone else prepared to chip in for him to take Elias with him ... to help with all that superb democracy and legal stuff they do at the UN.
And here's a thought: why not make the whole world subject (sic) to the greatest living document underpinning freedom, democracy, individual rights, etc, since the US Bill of Rights and eschewing all special privileges. Yes, you've got it, the Waitangi Treaty.
PS: We don't need to get it back.

This is a joke! He parks his car on broken yellow lines in Johnsonville and is off to the UN. Seems UN has lowered its standards.

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