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CERA dictates new transport plan for Christchurch

Christchurch's new central city transport plan is an urban planner’s dream.

Whether it will work well remains to be seen.

It does away with one-way traffic on Lichfield St, Salisbury and Kilmore Sts, slows traffic to 30km an hour in the central business district, and gives pedestrians and cyclists pre-eminence.

There will be more bus transport and car parking buildings in secondary locations behind shops.

As usual with all its civic projects, the Central Christchurch development unit of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority refuses to disclose the costs it will dictate to ratepayers.

CERA has yet to provide information on the finances of civic projects sought by NBR ONLINE in an Official Information Act request from more than three months ago – a blatant breach of the statutory timeframe required in the legislation.

More details on the plan will be outlined in next week’s issue of NBR NZ Property Investor.

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Comments and questions

Maybe CERA won't tell anyone what it costs because Fletcher hasn't sorted out what it wants out of it yet. Open and transparency has no meaning whenever Fletcher and the government are involved.

Maybe no private developer retailer will want to go there. Maybe they will relocate where customers can drive to their premises. This will be an interesting expose of central spatial smart planning versus pragmatic free market evolution. Guess who has economics on their side.

Sounds like a great plan, Businesses will move there because that's where the people are. A recent prime example is in the Smoke of Auckland, where the recent investment in shared spaces and public transport has caused a resurgence in foot traffic in the Central City!

Shared spaces, getting rid of cars, has increased the income of the local shops, it almost seems the economics are suggesting that people buy goods, not cars...funny that.

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