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Apple global share of tablet shipments slides from 68% to 50% in a quarter

Apple's share of the worldwide tablet market has shipped from 68.2% in the second quarter to 50.4% in the third, according to market researcher IDC.

Lead Android tablet maker Samsung has tripled its market share over the third quarter last year to 18%.

While Amazon, which introduced its first Android tablet, the Fire, last year has come from nowhere to 9%.

The chart is rounded out by two others in the Android camp: China's Lenovo and Taiwan's Asus.

The better news for Apple: it's started its fourth quarter with a bang, selling three million iPads in three days on the back of the new mini and the fourth generation iPad.

The worse news: IDC recently said the five-year-old Android had gained 75% worldwide smartphone shipment share.

IDC worldwide tablet shipments third quarter 2012 (millions; preliminary) 

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IDC worldwide tablet shipments second quarter 2012 (millions; preliminary)

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Comments and questions

behold the power of open source!

Warm fuzzies that Android is open source .... but Amazon's content eco-system around the Kindle Fire is closed.

So don't by a Kindle Fire. That's the beauty of an OS that isn't a one trick pony you can buy lots of different hardware with less or more customisation / closed off ecosystem of the OS depending on what you want and prefer.

yes I agree totally. But unlike IOS, windows etc etc, you have plenty of choice. By the way Android just turned 5 today. Not bad going for a mere 5 years

All this data tells you is who shipped most devices into channel. It doesn't tell you how many were actually sold or how many people own what devices.
You would expect that when a new device launches your share of shipments goes up, and if you aren't launching new devices, your share will drop,

so apple's share of shipments dropped to 50% in a quarter when they DIDN'T launch a new device but plenty of Android manufactuers did.
Why is this surprising?
i predict that this quarter, where apple have launched the iPad mini and relaunched the Retina iPad, their share will bounce back.

More menaingless statistics.

Apple figures are sales while the others' figures are shipments.

But Samsung and Amazon aren't charities. Samsung didn't break out individual device sales figures in its recent quarterly result, but it did say it made a record profit on the back of strong mobile device sales (at a time when other divisions of its business were weak).

But pricing the iPad mini relatively high, Apple's clearly signaled it wants to dominate the high-end/high profit segment of the tablet market.

It doesn't seem like its willing to participate in the 7-inch tablet price war that's going to likely decide who gains majority share of the tablet market over the next couple of years.

Good to see that Apple is still top tablet maker. Remember that the bad guys rarely win!

Apple is fading fast. They grew of the back of some very skilled people and having a tyranical visionary with an uncanny grasp of the market. This is no long the case (they still have some excellent people but no longer have such a visionary leader)... In short they are moving from being a market influencer to a "me too" player

Apple tablet sales are not driven by how good the device is, its all about the image. Looking good to your friends, getting one up on the person who has last months model.

Apple sales are driven by ego and vanity, and when that fails simply brainwash people with your marketing and the sheep will buy buy buy.

Very true. And now that your babysitter, plumber and taxi driver all have an iPhone and/or iPad, they're just not as cool as they used to be.

Ah yes, just like Louis Vuitton and Gucci have faded into oblivion because Farmers sells cheaper handbags, and cheap knock-offs are available from Asia.

Not clear who the bad guys are, Apple are suing everyone under the sun. Consider that Android is outselling Apple 4 : 1 on smartphones these days and you get an idea of where the tablet market is heading.

Apple are paying next to no tax and charging a fortune for their product. That makes them a bad guy in my books.

I dont think it comes down to who is good and who is bad - at the end of the day I dont want to be locked into the Apple ecosystem when a cheaper and far more flexible alternative exists. Simple really.
Apple gear also commands a huge price premium that like a good deal many people, I am simply not inclined to pay. Android is cheaper, more innovative and more open. No brainer really

Watch for further changes when Win 8 tablets start shipping !

Apple shares are in a very steep decline, those who paid $us700 each in late Sept have lost 20% and with world markets looking very toppy the once market darling could enter 2013 wondering how to stop 1) the decline in their share price and 2) every other phone and tablet maker eating their lunch. You only have to look at Microsoft whose shares have barely increased over the last 10 years to see what can happen to the once all powerful.

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