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Apple names popular iPhone, iPad apps of 2012

Apple has named the most popular iPhone and iPad apps of the year.

Google Maps clocked more than 10 million downloads in its first two days after being released as an app mid-December, but that proved not enough to crack the top 10.

The top slot was taken by YouTube, another Google service that, like Maps, was kicked out of Apple's latestest iOS software, only to return as an app in September.

Top Free iPhone Apps
1. YouTube, by Google
2. Instagram, by Facebook
3. Draw Something Free, by Zynga
4. Flashlight, by iHandy
5. Facebook, by Facebook
6. Pandora Radio, by Pandora Media
7. Temple Run, by Imangi Studios
8. Pinterest, by Pinterest
9. Twitter, by Twitter
10. Skype, by Microsoft

Top Paid iPhone Apps
1. Angry Birds Space, by Rovio
2. WhatsApp Messenger, byWhatsApp.
3. Draw Something, by Zynga
4. Camera+, by tap tap tap
5. Where’s My Water? by Walt Disney
6. Angry Birds Star Wars, by Rovio Entertainment
7. Fruit Ninja, by Halfbrick
8. Angry Birds, by Rovio Entertainment
9. Bejeweled, by PopCap
10. Tetris, by Electronic Arts

Top Free iPad Apps
1. Skype for iPad, by Microsoft
2. Temple Run, by Imangi Studios, LLC
3. Facebook, by Facebook
4. Netflix, by Netflix
5. The Weather Channel for iPad, by The Weather Channel
6. Draw Something Free, by Zynga
7. Kindle, by Amazon
8. Pandora Radio, by Pandora Media
9. Angry Birds HD Free, by Rovio
10. Calculator Pro for iPad Free, by MYW Productions

Top Paid iPad Apps
1. Angry Birds Space HD, by Rovio
2. Where’s My Water? by Walt Disney
3. Pages, by Apple
4. Draw Something, by Zynga
5. Notability, by Drive Sync Ginger Labs
6. Angry Birds Star Wars HD, by Rovio
7. iPhoto, by Apple
8. Minecraft, by Pocket Edition Mojang AB
9. Where’s My Perry? by Walt Disney
10. Words With Friends HD, by Zynga

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My favourite iphone app is National Radio. A whole week of programmes payable on demand.

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