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An Android camera

Many point-and-shoot digital cameras stay on the shelf these days, their owners prefering to take everyday snaps on their smartphone (with some upgrading their camera kit to an all-singing, all-dancing D-SLR for when they want to take serious pics).

Samsung - which makes its fair share of smartphones and camera, of course - is challenging this trend with the Galaxy Camera, a compact camera that runs on Android and boasts 3G and wi-fi.

Where smartphones rely on dodgy digital zoom, the Galaxy Camera sports a proper F2.8, 23 mm, 21x optical zoom lens.

And where smartphones top out at 8 megapixels, the Galaxy Camera offers 16 megapixels.

It also features a 4.8 inch display and runs Android 4.1, so you can load any Android app, from Angry Birds and Instagram to an ebook.

Other mod cons include 8GB of onboard memory (expandable via SD card) and an HDMI jack.

NZ release is expected lated November for $749.

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